Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teal, Gray + Yellow Wedding :: Manassas Candy Factory

On a seemingly hot July afternoon, everyone gathered at the Manassas Candy Factory in Virginia to set up for an amazing wedding. All the vendors came together to complete this amazing teal, gray and yellow wedding. With rustic charm (great brick walls throughout the space) and unique touches the ordinary art space became an amazing ceremony and reception space. With railroad tracks sitting right next to the Candy Factory, it was more then fitting for a train to blow if horn while passing by during the ceremony, making everyone smile. With two unique spaces, the ceremony location was transformed in a mere hour into the reception space, while cocktail hour took place in the local art gallery. With great food, great music and a beautiful friend-made cake, the wedding reception could not help but make everyone smile. The night ended with dancing and beautiful paper lanterns lit-up and hung above the dance floor. Enjoy some of the detail pictures I took during the event!

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