Monday, November 29, 2010

Super Busy

Hi everyone... sorry I have not posted in a while but I have been super busy with Thanksgiving and traveling and starting my new job. New posts are coming soon when I get a chance to breathe and think! Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and were able to spend time with family and friends.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

I absolutely love Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season! Thanksgiving is a holiday with warm colors, warm yummy food and football! Any holiday with football is the best! Every family has their Thanksgiving traditions, and by no means do I think any family should change tradition, but if you are trying to think of some great Thanksgiving décor or want to throw a pre-Thanksgiving themed party {or even a Thanksgiving wedding}, here are some great ideas! Use the warm fall colors are your palette for the event, and don’t be scared to use some pumpkin décor either… it is not just for Halloween! Also use apples, pears, corn and leaves to decorate.
Many catering companies have holiday themed food, so go through their menus to get some great ideas… one of my favorite are mini pumpkin pies and turkey and cranberry slider sandwiches. I love stuffing as well, use small serving spoons, the ones caterers use to serve stuffing and gravy on! Another favorite of my family is cinnamon apple cheesecakes! It screams Thanksgiving and fall with the warm cheesecake and spiced apples! Don’t forget the caramel apples… or try caramel pears for a change! Of course you need some drinks! For the adults make mulled apple cider or mulled spiced wine (some local wineries have mulling wines and spices). There are great winter lagers out as well… and what is football without a little beer? For the kids in the family, hot apple cider and a cranberry and ginger ale drink for some fizzies!

Here are some of my favorite fall décor and food pictures! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Color of the Week: Natural Light Green

This is my favorite color for weddings… it is already in my wedding album for whenever my wedding happens. It is also one of the hottest colors to use right now! Since the natural green is subtle and beautiful, it goes with many colors and can easily fit into any theme. I especially love it for an outdoor wedding with a preppy feel. I love the color with subtle blues, oranges and pinks since it complements the natural green. Pretty much what I want my wedding to be! I also love the natural green with white flowers since it is clean and simple. It looks great with wood vases and birdcages! I also love this color for any season wedding, since like I said earlier, it is so clean and versatile. Since the color is found is so many fruit, it is a great idea to incorporate that into your wedding. Using apples and pears as escort cards work well! Other natural items like limes, artichokes and grass are great accents to your wedding/event! There are so many other ways to use the green color in different variations! Be creative with the color and add it in innovative ways to your event or wedding!
Here are some of my FAVORITE pictures of natural green used in weddings/events. I cannot get over this color and am even using it as a flower accent to some brighter painted furniture! Oh did I mention it looks great in you house against a brighter wall. The colors of white and natural green are so clean it contrasts great with brighter items. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chocolate Spoon Please

Recently I was searching around blogland and found this great post about chocolate spoons from Table 6 Productions. It was a post from Solutions Bridal and she had these great sweet chocolate spoons. I feel in love and started thinking about some other creative and innovative desserts that are both delicious and cheap. Here are the steps to make the chocolate spoons … “First, find some plastic spoons. Why not get spoons that coordinate with your wedding colors? Then simply melt your favorite chocolate over boiling water on the stove, and pour! While it’s cooling, decorate with edible beads, small candies, sprinkles and whatever else makes your mouth water. If you want to add chocolate candies, wait a few minutes until the chocolate in the spoon is cool.” Easy right!
I also love making homemade chocolate lollipops! These are just as easy as the spoons and you can find the sticks at any craft store. They also normally have molds fro you to use as well. Just melt the chocolate and put them into the lollipop mold. You can add candies in if you want. You can wrap them and give them as wedding favors or put them on your dessert table for guests to eat right away!
Any sort of cookie that can be baked at home makes a great addition to your dessert table. They normally are better than those bought since they were made with love and soul. Macaroons are a great dessert that can be put on a stick and wrapped or stacked easily. Follow this link for a great macaroon recipe!

Good luck adding these to your wedding or event! P.S. chocolate lollipops are a huge hit with kids so add them to your next child’s party!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Destination of the Week: Napa Valley

Although Napa Valley is not outside the continental United Sates, it is still a great getaway for your destination wedding or honeymoon. Since it is in wine country there are many inns and hotels scattered around the area. You can find a place that fits what you are looking for: small and intimate or grand and indulgent. You will also save money on travel since it is within the United States and if you live close enough to only have a few hours drive you can still have most people attend your wedding without the problem of a destination wedding. There are great wineries all around the area to have your ceremony or reception at, as well as hotels. I recommend going in the fall or summer when you can really enjoy the colors of Napa Valley! If you are looking to have an outdoor wedding with great views and great colors…Napa Valley might just be the place for you. If you love wine Napa Valley might also be the place for you.

If you are looking to go there on your honeymoon make sure to visit as many wineries as possible! Napa is also a great stop along the way if you wanted to tour all of California for your honeymoon. Sonoma Valley is also located around Napa Valley. Almost 300 wineries are located in the 2 places. So take the time to choose which wineries you would like to visit and also enjoy driving around and seeing the scenery! Also, the most exclusive resort, Auberge du Soleli offers wine based spa treatments. Who could ask for more!

Here is a great list of locations for weddings in Napa Valley:

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Donut is the New Cupcake

Recently I saw a post about having donuts at your wedding for dessert. I absolutely love this idea since it is cheaper and more fun than the trend of cupcakes. Don’t get me wrong I love cupcakes and could eat them everyday if given the chance, but donuts are way more fun! You can either talk to your caterer about having the company make he donuts or just pay a ton the morning of your event from Krispy Kreme or another donut store. You can have different toppings for your donuts laid out, such as different sauces and some candies and nuts. Guests can have a customizable desert and have fun eating it as well. You can make donuts as classy or as down to earth as you want… making them a great versatile food item! If at all possible to get warm donuts that would be best! You can also get a variety of donuts with toppings on it already for guests to just choose from! If you caterer can make donuts have small appetizer size donuts with a variety of toppings and flavors for guests to choose from! I also started thinking about having donuts as the dessert at your rehearsal dinner if you want to have a traditional cake on the day of your wedding. You will save money and all your guests will enjoy the treat.

This idea is great if you are having an office meeting or a corporate event. How great to have warm donuts and different toppings before a long office meeting, not just a plain box of donuts. Or if you are having a small reception during the day, have donuts. Everyone loves something sweet during the day, and your guests will be surprised by something new and different.

Donuts don’t have to just be sitting in a box! You can get great plates or serving trays to have your donuts on! Or take the donut box to new heights by using a box in your event or wedding colors to display the donuts. Be creative with it and have fun as well. There are also some great companies in areas that make outlandish donuts with crazy toppings! These might be a little expensive to order, but look at their sites to get topping ideas!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Re-Use and Recycle: Bottlehood on Esty

I am IN LOVE with bottlehood's shop on! The company recycles beer, wine and liquor bottles and makes them into cups, candles, cheese boards and vases! I am getting some of these for my bf {shhhh don't tell him} and I started thinking about the great way you could use these at your wedding or event. These may be kinda expensive if you are buying all your guests items, but how great to have a wine bottle vase or a liquor bottle as your vase centerpiece. I also saw that the company will make items requested for wedding registry's! These items are so unique you will never find them anywhere else! What a great gift as well for the lucky couple or even as a birthday present for your man! Also just great for use at your home bar or home... what a great conversation piece!
Check out their shop on Esty:

Here are a few pictures of items they sell! I love the variety and the locality of the items. Most items tell you where the bottle came from (all local from CA).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Top 10 Things You Don’t Want Your Photographer to Miss

I have found this new profound love for photography and am working on shooting and light techniques. Although I may not be a super pro yet, there are many things during a wedding or event that you do not want your photographer to miss. Even the best photographer loses some points when not remembering to take these photos. Make sure you tell your photographer that you want these things to be captured, as well as make sure you have them available for them. Make sure your photographer captures all the important moments of you two together… but done forget these important mementos!

For a Wedding:
  1. Picture of the Rings
  2. Picture of the Brides Dress and Brides Maid Dresses
  3. Picture of the Brides bouquet and Brides Maids bouquet and reception floral
  4. Picture of the Brides shoes and Grooms shoes (separate and together)
  5. Picture of the grooms/grooms men boutonniere
  6. Picture of the Ceremony space (pulled back)
  7. Picture of the Reception space (pulled back)
  8. Picture of the reception table/menu cards
  9. Picture of the escort cards
  10. Picture of the wedding favors
  11. Picture of the Wedding cake (and cake cutting of course)
  12. Picture of the brides hair
  13. Cocktail hour space (pulled back)
Last But Not Least… ask for some photos taken before getting ready of both men and women and get some quirky candid photos of the bridal party throughout the day.
{thanks to for some quick inspiration}
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For an Event:
  1. Picture of the Event location (pulled back)
  2. Picture of the Tables
  3. Picture of the Escort cards (if any)
  4. Picture of the Gifts (if any)
  5. Picture of the Food and/or dessert/cake
  6. Picture of the Important guests/speakers
  7. Picture of sponsors information (if any)
  8. Picture of the floral
  9. Candid pictures during the final set-up/of workers during the event
  10. Picture of any important locations during the event… bar area, any special tables or rooms
  11. Lastly make sure you get pictures of signage and the invitation/thank you’s
Of course there are many great photographers all over the country, but people always forget some things. By talking to your photographer before the wedding or event and telling them specific things you ABSOLUTLY want pictures of you will get them and the photographer will make sure you get the best shot possible. Hopefully taking some great photos soon and posting them…keep an eye out!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Color of the Week: Fuchsia

Sorry I have not posted lately! I have been extremely busy and am actually starting a new job in 2 weeks!
After coming back from a busy weekend I cannot get my mind off an amazing color: Fuchsia. This color is so versatile and can be put into a myriad of color combinations in many different seasons. Since it is in the shades of pink and purple you can do so much with the color. It is also easy to find flowers that come in the same color range as Fuchsia. I love the color used in a romantic wedding or event with some more soft colors such as yellow and white. It is also a great color to do a "pink and black" themed wedding since it is not a harsh pink color. Fuchsia is also a great accent color since it works well with so many color combos.
I also love the color for around the house, clothing and jewelry. I love this color and I hope you do too!

Love the Fuchsia ice cream!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spring's Coming Early {Cherry Blossoms}

With all this cold weather I started thinking about spring! Cherry Blossoms are an amazing flower that are prevalent in Japan, but are also found every spring in Washington DC. I love going to the cherry blossom festival around the city and seeing all the amazing pink flowers everywhere. Weather you are in Japan, DC or anywhere, cherry blossoms are a great flower to use as a theme throughout your wedding. If you want a light pink color are part of your wedding colors, then this flower is a perfect choice. It is subtle and delicate, going great with whites and browns or blues and silvers. You can make the flower as much a part of your wedding as wanted, just incorporate them into the floral arrangements or make it an all out theme. The flowers may be hard to find during some seasons, but I love seeing the use of cherry blossoms during a delicate winter wedding and throughout the spring. If you live in the Washington, DC area or an area where cherry blossoms bloom, take engagement pictures with the trees or take a break on your wedding day to take pictures around the trees. If anything take inspiration from the amazing colors of pink and white for your wedding or event.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Spice of Life

Every night I come home from work and cook dinner, while my boyfriend does, and every night I am amazed at the brilliant color of spices. When thinking of where the best spices come from I immediately though of India. They use spices in everything and every spice has a wild color and fragrance. I love the mixture of reds, oranges, yellows, greens and browns that make up their spice jars. I felt inspired to look at events and weddings that use colors inspired by India's spices to real spice up the party. Some of these colors are bold and daring, while others are subtle and cool. Together they make up an amazing color palette. Bring in some of these amazing colors at your next event or work them into your wedding to accentuate your colors and flowers. Below is some inspiration for us all from these great spices!

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