Monday, November 8, 2010

Color of the Week: Fuchsia

Sorry I have not posted lately! I have been extremely busy and am actually starting a new job in 2 weeks!
After coming back from a busy weekend I cannot get my mind off an amazing color: Fuchsia. This color is so versatile and can be put into a myriad of color combinations in many different seasons. Since it is in the shades of pink and purple you can do so much with the color. It is also easy to find flowers that come in the same color range as Fuchsia. I love the color used in a romantic wedding or event with some more soft colors such as yellow and white. It is also a great color to do a "pink and black" themed wedding since it is not a harsh pink color. Fuchsia is also a great accent color since it works well with so many color combos.
I also love the color for around the house, clothing and jewelry. I love this color and I hope you do too!

Love the Fuchsia ice cream!
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