Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Top 10 Things You Don’t Want Your Photographer to Miss

I have found this new profound love for photography and am working on shooting and light techniques. Although I may not be a super pro yet, there are many things during a wedding or event that you do not want your photographer to miss. Even the best photographer loses some points when not remembering to take these photos. Make sure you tell your photographer that you want these things to be captured, as well as make sure you have them available for them. Make sure your photographer captures all the important moments of you two together… but done forget these important mementos!

For a Wedding:
  1. Picture of the Rings
  2. Picture of the Brides Dress and Brides Maid Dresses
  3. Picture of the Brides bouquet and Brides Maids bouquet and reception floral
  4. Picture of the Brides shoes and Grooms shoes (separate and together)
  5. Picture of the grooms/grooms men boutonniere
  6. Picture of the Ceremony space (pulled back)
  7. Picture of the Reception space (pulled back)
  8. Picture of the reception table/menu cards
  9. Picture of the escort cards
  10. Picture of the wedding favors
  11. Picture of the Wedding cake (and cake cutting of course)
  12. Picture of the brides hair
  13. Cocktail hour space (pulled back)
Last But Not Least… ask for some photos taken before getting ready of both men and women and get some quirky candid photos of the bridal party throughout the day.
{thanks to TheKnot.com for some quick inspiration}
{Photos from http://goslingphotographyblog.com/ }

For an Event:
  1. Picture of the Event location (pulled back)
  2. Picture of the Tables
  3. Picture of the Escort cards (if any)
  4. Picture of the Gifts (if any)
  5. Picture of the Food and/or dessert/cake
  6. Picture of the Important guests/speakers
  7. Picture of sponsors information (if any)
  8. Picture of the floral
  9. Candid pictures during the final set-up/of workers during the event
  10. Picture of any important locations during the event… bar area, any special tables or rooms
  11. Lastly make sure you get pictures of signage and the invitation/thank you’s
Of course there are many great photographers all over the country, but people always forget some things. By talking to your photographer before the wedding or event and telling them specific things you ABSOLUTLY want pictures of you will get them and the photographer will make sure you get the best shot possible. Hopefully taking some great photos soon and posting them…keep an eye out!


  1. Also, at our wedding my husband and I were allowed into the ballroom before any of the guests to see the decorations and everything before it was filled with people! We also got a GREAT picture of us dancing in the middle of the empty ballroom. I would definitely add this to the list!!

  2. You used my pictures for such a wonderful post! Thanks!