Friday, October 29, 2010

Crazy Cakes

Have you been so consumed with your wedding planning you forgot about a gift for your new husband? Or have you planned your whole event and then forgot about doing something personalized and unique? Fears no longer… get a cake! I do not mean go to Costco and put your face on a cake… but get a unique 3-D cake that will blow your groom and/or guests away. I bet you have seen Cake Boss on TLC or Charm City Cakes on the Food Network; those are the type of cakes I am talking about! If you are really on a budget then it might not be the best idea to purchase a cake, but enlist the help of your baker friends and make it yourself.
If you are getting the cake as a grooms cake and gift, make it something that he loves or a place he enjoys. My friend had a cake for her groom who went to Ohio State as the Stadium! It was amazing and they used it at their rehearsal dinner. It is always a great surprise for a groom since most of the wedding focuses on the bride; he finally is the one getting a great gift! Being creative when it comes to a groom cake is the name of the game. Think hard about what he would like and what you would like. Don’t get him something you want and say “he always loves this.”
For an event, go big or go home! If you have the budget to spend why not! It can really make a huge difference and be the talk of the event. A grand cake can be used as the centerpiece for the event and can tie all of the different aspects together. If it is for a huge birthday, bridal shower or baby shower there are so many cute and semi cheap things you can do that will surprise the guest of honor and not your bank account.
Regardless of what the purpose of the cake is for it is a great idea. It is special and unique and will be the talk of your wedding or event! Talk to your catering company about doing a specialty cake, they may be able to make one themselves or know a good company.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fanciful Feathers

I have a new love and it is feathers! Recently brides have been wearing them in their hair, adding them to flower arrangements and putting them on their cake. Although I do admit some people take it over the edge or do not make it look pleasing at all, there is a romantic and fun way to add feathers into your wedding or event. You can normally find cheaper colored feathers, but I would try and stick with nicer feathers if using them for your event. The ostrich feather is a fun large feather that added together in a bunch can create a beautiful centerpiece. I am more obsessed about peacock feathers. They have gorgeous colors and are so fun! There are so many ways to add feathers into your wedding or event. Weather you want there be a feather theme or just accents of feathers, you can do it. Here are some simple or crazy ways to add feather to your wedding or event.

  • In  your hair
  • On your dress, creating an amazing cascade down the dress
  • On invitations
  • As centerpieces
  • In the bouquet
  • On the cake (can even just use the design of a feather on the cake)
  • On the tablecloths
  • As decorations
  • On escort cards or table numbers
  • Drinks inspired by animals that have feathers… don’t want to put feathers in a drink
  • Food inspired by feathers
  • On your garter
  • On the ring pillow
  • Instead of flowers use feathers for the “feather” girl
  • On the ceremony programs
The opportunity to add feathers is really endless. Make it modern, vintage, homespun or high end.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

With some places in the United States already receiving snow... it only seemed necessary to begin looking at the wonder that is a winter wedding. Just because it is snowy and cold outside does not mean you need to sacrifice your creativity or love for the outdoors. I love the softness and innocence of winter... the crisp whites, browns and greens of the evergreen tress. If you have ever seen the show "friends" you know about the amazing winter wedding of Phoebe (I watched that episode last night... no wonder i cannot get it off my mind). If you don't want to have an outdoor wedding and reception do you wedding pictures or engagement pictures outside in the snow. They look gorgeous! Engagement pictures by Alyssa Ann Photography.

If you are thinking about having an outdoor winter snowy wedding you can really use any kind of colors you want. Go for softer colors for a more romantic and soft feel or bold colors that pop. Make sure you and all your guests have good coats and use heaters around the tent our ceremony location. Also have fun... Use the snow in creative ways and don't let it damper the wedding but make it more lively and interesting. Here are some great pictures I love of winter weddings... Also don't plan a winter snowy wedding in a place you know will probably not have snow. These types of weddings make better sense in an area that gets a lot of snow and knows how to effectively deal with it!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Artsy Wedding

I recently had the honor to work a wedding at the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington, DC. The Corcoran is a gallery and an art school featuring both classical and modern art. The gallery itself was fantastic, but the wedding was amazing, with many touches that brought the art theme throughout the wedding. An art gallery is an amazing place to hold a wedding and reception since they normally have great architecture and layout, plus have great visuals for all the guests. The Corcoran has then great burnt orange/red walls, which the couple utilized when thinking of their colors, flowers and lighting. With great red and orange flowers, sliver linens and gold lighting, the place looked amazing. Sometimes adding lighting can change the coloring of a venue and allow you to use the colors you really want. Think about adding some under lighting to the event to create a new angle on a venue. The couple also had great escort card and table numbers. To continue the art theme, each table was labeled by an artist with a picture the artist had done. The escort cards were postcards, in a multitude of paintings, all done by one of the artists on a table. The guests then had to match their artist postcard to the artist table. How creative and different, I really loved this idea! The ceremony was my favorite part of the event since it was done on the grand staircase of the Corcoran gallery framed by statues. It brought great attention to the couple and made for a truly unique ceremony.

If you are thinking about doing your wedding or event in an art gallery, make sure you talk to the venue first. Some places do not allow guests to walk around, and if that was your whole plan, then you may need to look else ware. Make sure that your wedding colors and the colors within the building do not clash and will work well together. Some gallery’s may have multiple rooms or great outdoor areas so you can tailor your event or wedding. There are so many different kinds of art galleries that you can be really creative and let your inter artist shine!

There are so many creative things that you can do at an art gallery or at other places:
  • Serve drinks named after artists or paintings
  • As a guest book have people paint on canvases to say congrats. It will be interesting to see what people come up with.
  • Have a treasure hunt using clues about the gallery/paintings and have people be able to go through during cocktail hour
  • Instead of doing the event their have pictures at a gallery

Also depending on the type of art gallery you are working with it is important to ask some questions:
  • How many guests can be accommodated?
  • Are tables and chairs supplied?
  • What caterers can be used, if any?
  • Can guests tour the gallery?
  • What kind of music can be at the wedding/event?
  • Can alcohol be served?
  • Are there limitations on decorating the venue?
  • How much is a rental and for how many hours… some galleries can be expensive.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Destination of the Week: Fiji

Whether you are looking for your perfect honeymoon spot or a location for your destination wedding, Fiji is the perfect place. Located in the Pacific Ocean near Australia it is a made up of islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Leva are the two largest. The best time to go to Fiji is their dry season from May to October, yet for the best prices consider going from December to April (sucks that they don’t overlap). Fiji is exotic, tranquil and unspoiled. There are many things that you can do while in Fiji, especially if you visit more than one island. From hiking, to beaches, scuba diving and tanning…Fiji has it all. Take in the surroundings and culture of the exotic Fiji Islands! Read’s Wedding Guide:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet

Halloween is a day to get dressed up and be someone else! From kids to adults, Halloween is always a fun time and allows you to decorate using scary and wild things. Here is an inspiration board for Halloween parties! I love how excited kids get about being able to walk around and show off their costumes and get candy! But seriously, who does not love candy? Weather you are throwing a party for your neighborhood, your work or a wedding, here are some great ideas! I love using the colors orange (obviously), black, purple and green. There is a way to make this Halloween colors less harsh, yet still get the same vibe! This holiday, especially if having a wedding or large event, allows you to be really creative and use things that are not traditional. Think about bring in some Halloween traditions such as carving pumpkins, trick or treating, spiders/spider webs, ghosts and black cats. You can even make the event more “fall” themed than Halloween themed. Bring in natural fall colors, as well as some Halloween colors and mix the two themes. I love the use of pumpkins, apples, treat bags and leaves. I hope you can incorporate some ideas into either your wedding or event! Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Color of the Week: Teal

I love teal, it is a gorgeous mixture of blues and greens. I specifically love it since it is a great color my my skintone. With fall upon us all and winter right around the corner, I started thinking about the cooler colors of the seasons. Teal is a timeless color that works in almost all situations. It can be romantic, yet fun at the same time. Teal is also seen a lot in nature, which I love. I love the color teal with browns and lighter greens for a romantic nature wedding/event. I also love teal with bright colors such as yellow, orange, greens and pinks. Such a versatile color and so timeless and lovely. Hope you get some inspiration!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Birds of a Feather: twobirds bridesmaid

Dress Colors
I am IN LOVE with this company's dresses! twobirds bridesmaid dresses are so versatile and come in a variety of colors and you can style it in so many ways. I saw these dresses at a recent wedding and I loved how different every bridesmaid looked individually, but still how cohesively they looked together. These dresses are great if you want everyone to have the same color dress but different styles, since there are over 15 styles. These dresses are flowy and fit nearly every size and shape, which makes these dresses so great. They are also a great dress to wear after the wedding since you can make the dress so many styles it can fit many occasions. Starting at $270 per dress they are comparable to other dresses. The company offers flower girl dresses, matching groomsmen ties and other accessories. You can order them online and there are also stores in NY and Cali. The company is international so look at the website to find other locations and information about purchase. They also have a great how-to guide for all the different designs you can make with the dress. Visit their site for more information about the dresses!

This is going on my list of things I have to have for my own wedding... whenever it may be!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Destination of the Week: Hawaii

It is a rainy day here in DC... which makes me start thinking about the sun and sand. What a better place than Hawaii for a little sun bathing? Although a great destination, Hawaii is still a U.S. state and you can find some pretty good deals on flights. With 6  islands to choose from, what better than a Hawaiian wedding or honeymoon? The islands are gorgeous with vibrant colors and amazing sounds! If you have always dreamed of a beach wedding... this is the perfect place! I love the sunsets and the amazing forests and parks... and don't forget the waterfalls! What an amazing place to take pictures! I am dreaming right now of it all.

Each island has different amenities and locations to offer your wedding! It is important to take into consideration what island you want to stay on and what wedding location is accessible. Look at all the different islands to find the perfect place. Don't just opt for a wedding at a hotel because that is where you are staying or seems convenient. You are going to HAWAII for heavens sake do it BIG! Visit the Official travel site. Enjot the amazing pictures below!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DIY Flower Hair Pieces

Hello... So like mentioned in my previous post here is how to make the flower hair pieces I had made for the PA wedding! I unfortunately did not take pictures while I was making the hair pieces... but it is pretty self explanatory! I am going to make a ton of hair pieces now since they are so easy and you can make them out of anything you find! Let me know how they go!

1. Get bobby pins, clips or any metal/plastic hairpiece you want to use.
2. Go to the local craft store and look at all their fake flower selection. I chose smaller flowers, but you can do this with any size flower that you want.
3. Take the flower and cut the stem off as close as possible to the flower without breaking the flower.
4. Take a hot glue gun and glue the flower to the clip. I found that it was easier to use bobby pins for smaller flowers and a larger clip for larger flowers.
5. Wait for them to dry and use them in all your hairstyles!

Super easy and super cute! What a great idea if you want all bridesmaids to have flowers in their hair and don’t want to spend a fortune. If you find or make a fabric flower you can still easily hot glue it to a clip. Look at thrift stores for clothes that may have flowers or appliqu├ęs on them… cut them off and make them into a hair piece. You can do this with feathers, buttons, or anything you think would be cute as a hair accessory!

Here is simply what I did as well for my hair... so easy and looks so good and formal.
1. Put your hair half up and secure with bobby if you were doing a normal half up half down hairstyle.
2. Take small sections of your hair and wrap them around your finger.
3. Bobby pin the wrapped hair to your head.
4. Repeat 2 and 3 until you have done all of your hair and bobby pinned it up. It can be kinda messy and you might have to add extra bobby pins here and there!
5. Hair spray your hair
6. Add the flowers you made to the style. I did 5 around the top of the curls, but a larger flower to one side would look great as well!

Pennsylvania Wedding Weekend

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great three day weekend… if you did not have to work! I had a great weekend since I get to be a guest at the wedding of Sarah and Joey in PA! The bride Sarah was gorgeous in her dress and loved the dark purple of the bridesmaid’s dresses! She had an outdoor ceremony with a gazebo and the setting sun as the backdrop. The reception was held inside in a fabulous ballroom that had great high ceilings! Plus, there was an open bar so I was a happy camper! She was a great DIY bride and had a lot of things she did herself, as well as many great small touches everywhere. There was amazingly yummy cookies with their initals on them as the wedding favor. And the flowers were an array of purples and pinks, which held together well with the white tableclothes and chairs. The chairs also had a dark purple bow tied around them. It was a gorgeous wedding and I cannot wait to see more pictures!

In a past post about wedding hair I saw a great look at I tried out. Here is a picture of my hair. I made the flower pins myself for less then 5$ and I have about 30 now. I will post a DIY to make the flower hair clips.
Here are just a couple pictures from the wedding since I forgot my good camera at home! Once I get some pictures from the bride I will post more!

Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY Wedding Favors

Happy Friday to everyone... and happy 3 day weekend to everyone that has it!
Recently I have been finding great blogs with DIY things such as shirts, furniture, and a million other things. I love being able to do something myself and see the result afterwards. This made me start thinking of a great DIY wedding favor. I have a couple ideas so I hope you all find something you like as well. These ideas are helpful if you are on a budget or just want to be able to say you made something yourself.

Martha Stewart
1. Homemade cookies/sweets: If you are any sort of a baker at all or have a fiance or mother that is, this is a great idea. Don't make break apart cookies, but make them from scratch (easier than you think)! Think 2 or 3 cookies per guest and figure out how many cookies you will need. Also figure in some for the bakers and others. This should be done only 2 days before the wedding since you do not want the cookies going stale. But if you make up all the dough and give it to bridesmaids and others to bake to make the time go faster. Go to the craft store and find cellophane bags or use cute paper bags to put the cookies in. Stuff the bags and close them off. You can go a little more above and beyond and get stickers that represent your wedding or have your names on them for the bags. You can find other cute ways to give your cookies such as a cute box or a cute small cookie jar! Although this may be time consuming what a great wedding favor that your guests will truly appreciate! They will know you took the time and energy to make something for them!

2. Already mentioned in another post is a candy bar. This is something so simple and easy that guests really love and a great DIY gift. It is easy to find candy that you all love and will go good to be scooped and put into a bag. Then you can make cute signs with the candy name and directions all from home just get nice paper and use some ribbon.

3. For a fall wedding cute cute smaller pumpkins that can double as escort cards for each quest to take home

4. Another very popular favor has been seed packets or flowers/herbs. Go to your local Lowe's or home depot and look at their potted plants. You can buy a ton on small flowers already in soil at the store. Then get small Terra Cotta pots and put ribbon around them or paint them. Put the flowers in the pots and what a great gift... this can also double as an escort card. You can also skip the pots and get burlap to wrap around the soil part. This works better with a little bit larger plant or a tree buddling to give as a gift. Add a cute poem and how the guest should plant the plant to represent the start of your life together and watch it grow. Martha Stewart has some great ideas and instructions:

Martha Stewart
5. Another great thing to do is go to and look through what people have posted! You may be able to find a great little gift at a cheaper price not made by you! This will save you time and the site is so amazingly cute! You might just find a ton of things on there for your wedding!

6. Great for a fall or winter wedding but can be turned into anything you want. Create a mixture of spices use for making hard apple cider. Mix the spice packet and but into a bag that can be steeped in the liquid. Attach directions on how to make it and you are set! This can also double as an escort card by adding a name tag!

If you cannot tell Martha has some great ideas and is, as always, inspirational. DIY favors are so easy to do and you can turn almost anything into a favor. Think about your wedding season and theme and figure out a gift that compliments your wedding! Good luck on making your favors and for anymore inspiration send me an email or comment!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Color of the Week: Black and White

What an amazing fall day outside today in the D.C. area! I have been thinking awhile about some amazing colors, but I love the classic black and white. I especially love black and white photos they make my smile for no apparent reason. I love the simplicity of the two colors together and the classic romance that the colors represent. These colors are great for primary and secondary event/wedding colors. If you are looking for something that makes a statement, but is not TOO over the top Black and White are the answers. I love combining black and white as the primary colors with a bright secondary color to accent. Silver looks great as an accent in on the table and chairs.
Regardless of what your wedding or event colors are... you will somehow bring in great accents of black and white. If you don't want to make black and white main colors add some black and white photos into the reception space or have great black and white programs or menu cards and add a pop of your wedding color. You can also have your bridesmaid dresses black with a sash of color! Combine some great black and white into your bouquet with some colored flowers!

Here are some great photos of Black and White being used!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall into Fall Weddings

I was thinking about the changing on the seasons and how beautiful fall is with all the leaves changing and Halloween. Although I am a little busy today I thought I would share some of my favorite fall wedding pictures, ideas and a of couple facts about fall weddings (thanks to! All these pictures and ideas are related to fall colors... if you are having a fall wedding it does not by any means mean that you cannot use other colors or have to integrate fall into your wedding!

 I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful Wednesday and this great fall weather!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gone Missing {Creative Table Numbers}

So even if people know what table they are supposed to be at, that does not mean they can find the table. Table numbers are a great way to add some individuality and creativity into your wedding in an inexpensive way. Sure you can go with the basic paper number and metal holder, which is not bad, but why not incorporate your theme or something you and your fiance love into the numbering. This goes for events as well, make the table numbers stand out and a conversation piece, not something bland and boring.
Choosing what you want to do for your table numbers can be a little daunting, but take it slowly and start thinking of any and every idea possible. Write them all down then go through your list and figure out what fits into your theme, what fits into your budget, if it can be made yourself or not. If you are between a few, try them out and see which on looks the best!
Here are some great ideas to start with:

1. For a rustic down-to-earth wedding/event: Use an old piece of wood, or a new piece you beat up, and paint the number on the wood. Easy and cheap, yet still fits into the theme.
2. A winery wedding: use wine bottles and stick the number where the label is
3. Don't number the tables at all, but call each table something different based on your theme. For example, a wedding based around music had the tables labeled by different artists names and used their album covers.
4. Use Mason Jars filled with sand, seashells, other items related to your wedding/event and either have the number on the jar or sticking out of the jar.
5. Use a nice designed paper for the numbers and have them framed on the table to add a little more glam and elegance on a budget.
6. Use old newspaper or photos and paint the number on. Either back it with cardboard or put it in a frame.
7. Use Pictures of you as a couple holding up the number of the table and put it in frames.
8. Use  book and have the number on the front of the book.
9. Get some large rocks and either use paint pen or hot glue on the table number
10. Use Letters instead of numbers or words and use either wood letters that you can find at a craft store or metal letters...may take a little digging around
11. Use a mirror or glass and paint the number onto it
12. Use a small cake with the number on it... this is great as well because every table as their own personal cake to eat!
13. Find cheap cute plates and put the number on them... then just stand them up using a plate holder
14. Put the number on the flower vase
15. Use a chalk board

This is just me rambling on with ideas! So do the same thing! Think about items in your home or in the world that you could use! Be creative and have fun doing it

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall... Who Has the Prettiest Wedding Hair of Them All

Going to attempt this style with white/pink flowers
On this dreary, rainy Monday morning here in D.C. all I can think about is how I am going to do my hair for a wedding I am attending this weekend. Since I am having so many problems trying to decide, I cannot imagine a bride-to-be trying to figure out how to do their hair. This is as stressful as finding a dress! Unless you have a hairstyle that you know your groom loves and looks great with the dress, you are lost. I personally have medium length curly fine hair... what should I do?? I started looking at different websites with hairstyles and got more than I bargained for! So many different choices and pages and pages of styles I got a little flustered. In my case I am trying to do my hair myself so I cannot do all styles, but for most brides they most likely have a hair dresser or a friend to help them out. Still, what to choose?

I started looking at hairstyles and found some great ones, but still seems very time consuming! I also have fallen in love with people putting flowers and/or feathers or other things in their hair. Now I am trying to figure out what hairstyle to choose and how I can get some flowers in my hair. Here is my process for brides and anyone going to a party to figure out what hairstyle they want (this is not scientific)

1. Figure out what type of hair you have and what hairstyles are even possible with your hair, rule out styles you know are not possible and don't event look at them. This will allow you to narrow down your search and also not fall in love with a style that is not possible.
2. Figure out if you want your hair full down, half up half down, or in an up-do. If you are unsure it is ok too, but even if you can rule out one of these styles it again helps narrow down you search.
3. If you don't have a hair stylist to do your hair, figure out what is possible by yourself or with a friends help. Some styles are too hard so they can be ruled out right away.
4. Once you have your list of things to look at... begin looking at websites or books. Here are some sites I really liked with hairstyles.
Just Google "Wedding Hairstyles" and look at the images
5. Choose 3 or 4 styles that you really like... don't choose more than that in the beginning to try out since it will be too overwhelming. If possible try all the styles out at home and with the veil or headpiece and any other accessories you want in your hair. Although it may not be perfect at least you can see how the style looks on your face shape and your hair type and with the hairpieces.
6. Take pics of the hairstyles on yourself  and ask your fiance, friends, people at work, anyone really. Also, having someone who has an unbiased opinion will help you get an honest opinion. If people all say they like a style you do not want... then by all means choose the one you like best, but this should help you narrow things down.
7. Once you have found the 1 or 2 or more styles you absolutely love go to the hairstylist you are having do your hair, or friend, and have them help you choose a style and try it out on your hair. This will give you a good chance to see how the stylist will do your hair and how it will look professionally.
8. Hopefully you have found your wedding or event hairstyle and can love it!

Going through this process can be overwhelming so by all means skip parts if you want! But hopefully it will help you decide what you want your hair to look like on the big day! Always choose what you love and what is most comfortable for you, don't chose a hairstyle because someone else wants you in it!

Here are some hairstyles and headpieces I am absolutely in LOVE with! (all from sites listed above)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Help I'm Lost! {Creative Escort Cards}

looking at i came across an amazing idea for showing off guests name cards. There is always the great folded card on a table, but why not make it something cute and fun for the guests. If you have a theme running in your wedding use it or take it to the extreme to show off the name cards. What an amazing idea to use old shutters! I saw on the Rachel Ray show once someone use the old shutters to make a mail holder by placing a piece of wood behind the slates so that you could stick mail in and it wont fall out! Maybe a great way to re-use the shutters after the wedding.

Here are some other great ideas I have found across the web... Enjoy!
  • Use pine cones are the name holder for a fall themed wedding. Enhance the name card table by adding some great fall foliage and fall flowers to the table. DIY instructions:
  • If you  have a good tree/twig theme running throughout your florals, try using a small tree/twigs to place all the name cards on. This may take a little more work to find the appropriate tree, but super cute once it is all done.
  • Use smooth rocks, can be purchased at the craft store, and write with paint pen the guests name. This is an easy DIY project and super cute with an outdoor relaxed country wedding.
  • Combine the wedding favor with the place card by putting the place card in a cute, engraved picture frame.
  • For a beach wedding take sand dollars, starfish and bigger seashells and tie a ribbon in our wedding color around the item and have the name on a tag on the ribbon. (Hope this makes sense)
  • Love cupcakes, use them as the name cards with peoples names on the cupcake or on paper sticking out of the cupcake. Guests will love eating these masterpieces.
  • Find a cute board or mirror to place the cards on. I love the idea of a cork board with the cards study on with cute tacks.
  • Having a cozy at home or country wedding? use cute ribbon tied from tree to tree to hand the place cards. find cute clothes pins to stick them on.
  • Having an eco friendly wedding... get small pots with a plant or seeds in it and place the guests name in the soil. So cute and can double up as the favor since they can take the plant home and enjoy.
  • Having your wedding at a winery? Use corks cut in the middle halfway down. place the guests name card into the cork. Need to find corks? Go to a wine festival or winery and ask for their corks... they normally just through them away.
  • Use pears, apples, small pumpkins, or anything other sturdy fruit or veggie that is semi themed to your wedding. Lightly paint them gold, silver, bronze and tie a ribbon around the stem with the guests name attached.
  • Use small boquets of flowers like lavender or daisys, or other smaller flowers that fit your wedding. use twine or ribbon to tie the flowers together and have the guests name attached to the twine/ribbon. Super cute for an outdoor wedding.


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