Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Artsy Wedding

I recently had the honor to work a wedding at the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington, DC. The Corcoran is a gallery and an art school featuring both classical and modern art. The gallery itself was fantastic, but the wedding was amazing, with many touches that brought the art theme throughout the wedding. An art gallery is an amazing place to hold a wedding and reception since they normally have great architecture and layout, plus have great visuals for all the guests. The Corcoran has then great burnt orange/red walls, which the couple utilized when thinking of their colors, flowers and lighting. With great red and orange flowers, sliver linens and gold lighting, the place looked amazing. Sometimes adding lighting can change the coloring of a venue and allow you to use the colors you really want. Think about adding some under lighting to the event to create a new angle on a venue. The couple also had great escort card and table numbers. To continue the art theme, each table was labeled by an artist with a picture the artist had done. The escort cards were postcards, in a multitude of paintings, all done by one of the artists on a table. The guests then had to match their artist postcard to the artist table. How creative and different, I really loved this idea! The ceremony was my favorite part of the event since it was done on the grand staircase of the Corcoran gallery framed by statues. It brought great attention to the couple and made for a truly unique ceremony.

If you are thinking about doing your wedding or event in an art gallery, make sure you talk to the venue first. Some places do not allow guests to walk around, and if that was your whole plan, then you may need to look else ware. Make sure that your wedding colors and the colors within the building do not clash and will work well together. Some gallery’s may have multiple rooms or great outdoor areas so you can tailor your event or wedding. There are so many different kinds of art galleries that you can be really creative and let your inter artist shine!

There are so many creative things that you can do at an art gallery or at other places:
  • Serve drinks named after artists or paintings
  • As a guest book have people paint on canvases to say congrats. It will be interesting to see what people come up with.
  • Have a treasure hunt using clues about the gallery/paintings and have people be able to go through during cocktail hour
  • Instead of doing the event their have pictures at a gallery

Also depending on the type of art gallery you are working with it is important to ask some questions:
  • How many guests can be accommodated?
  • Are tables and chairs supplied?
  • What caterers can be used, if any?
  • Can guests tour the gallery?
  • What kind of music can be at the wedding/event?
  • Can alcohol be served?
  • Are there limitations on decorating the venue?
  • How much is a rental and for how many hours… some galleries can be expensive.

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