Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

With some places in the United States already receiving snow... it only seemed necessary to begin looking at the wonder that is a winter wedding. Just because it is snowy and cold outside does not mean you need to sacrifice your creativity or love for the outdoors. I love the softness and innocence of winter... the crisp whites, browns and greens of the evergreen tress. If you have ever seen the show "friends" you know about the amazing winter wedding of Phoebe (I watched that episode last night... no wonder i cannot get it off my mind). If you don't want to have an outdoor wedding and reception do you wedding pictures or engagement pictures outside in the snow. They look gorgeous! Engagement pictures by Alyssa Ann Photography.

If you are thinking about having an outdoor winter snowy wedding you can really use any kind of colors you want. Go for softer colors for a more romantic and soft feel or bold colors that pop. Make sure you and all your guests have good coats and use heaters around the tent our ceremony location. Also have fun... Use the snow in creative ways and don't let it damper the wedding but make it more lively and interesting. Here are some great pictures I love of winter weddings... Also don't plan a winter snowy wedding in a place you know will probably not have snow. These types of weddings make better sense in an area that gets a lot of snow and knows how to effectively deal with it!

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  1. I just told my photographer last week that I want to do engagement shots in the snow and she was so thrilled! I was worried she would turn it down but it turns out, she's always had a desire to do snow shots and sh'es never been asked before. So I guess it's just keeping an eye on the weather for now..! I'm really hoping we get some smaller snow storms this year so my fiancé and I can make it happen!!