Friday, October 8, 2010

DIY Wedding Favors

Happy Friday to everyone... and happy 3 day weekend to everyone that has it!
Recently I have been finding great blogs with DIY things such as shirts, furniture, and a million other things. I love being able to do something myself and see the result afterwards. This made me start thinking of a great DIY wedding favor. I have a couple ideas so I hope you all find something you like as well. These ideas are helpful if you are on a budget or just want to be able to say you made something yourself.

Martha Stewart
1. Homemade cookies/sweets: If you are any sort of a baker at all or have a fiance or mother that is, this is a great idea. Don't make break apart cookies, but make them from scratch (easier than you think)! Think 2 or 3 cookies per guest and figure out how many cookies you will need. Also figure in some for the bakers and others. This should be done only 2 days before the wedding since you do not want the cookies going stale. But if you make up all the dough and give it to bridesmaids and others to bake to make the time go faster. Go to the craft store and find cellophane bags or use cute paper bags to put the cookies in. Stuff the bags and close them off. You can go a little more above and beyond and get stickers that represent your wedding or have your names on them for the bags. You can find other cute ways to give your cookies such as a cute box or a cute small cookie jar! Although this may be time consuming what a great wedding favor that your guests will truly appreciate! They will know you took the time and energy to make something for them!

2. Already mentioned in another post is a candy bar. This is something so simple and easy that guests really love and a great DIY gift. It is easy to find candy that you all love and will go good to be scooped and put into a bag. Then you can make cute signs with the candy name and directions all from home just get nice paper and use some ribbon.

3. For a fall wedding cute cute smaller pumpkins that can double as escort cards for each quest to take home

4. Another very popular favor has been seed packets or flowers/herbs. Go to your local Lowe's or home depot and look at their potted plants. You can buy a ton on small flowers already in soil at the store. Then get small Terra Cotta pots and put ribbon around them or paint them. Put the flowers in the pots and what a great gift... this can also double as an escort card. You can also skip the pots and get burlap to wrap around the soil part. This works better with a little bit larger plant or a tree buddling to give as a gift. Add a cute poem and how the guest should plant the plant to represent the start of your life together and watch it grow. Martha Stewart has some great ideas and instructions:

Martha Stewart
5. Another great thing to do is go to and look through what people have posted! You may be able to find a great little gift at a cheaper price not made by you! This will save you time and the site is so amazingly cute! You might just find a ton of things on there for your wedding!

6. Great for a fall or winter wedding but can be turned into anything you want. Create a mixture of spices use for making hard apple cider. Mix the spice packet and but into a bag that can be steeped in the liquid. Attach directions on how to make it and you are set! This can also double as an escort card by adding a name tag!

If you cannot tell Martha has some great ideas and is, as always, inspirational. DIY favors are so easy to do and you can turn almost anything into a favor. Think about your wedding season and theme and figure out a gift that compliments your wedding! Good luck on making your favors and for anymore inspiration send me an email or comment!

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