Friday, October 29, 2010

Crazy Cakes

Have you been so consumed with your wedding planning you forgot about a gift for your new husband? Or have you planned your whole event and then forgot about doing something personalized and unique? Fears no longer… get a cake! I do not mean go to Costco and put your face on a cake… but get a unique 3-D cake that will blow your groom and/or guests away. I bet you have seen Cake Boss on TLC or Charm City Cakes on the Food Network; those are the type of cakes I am talking about! If you are really on a budget then it might not be the best idea to purchase a cake, but enlist the help of your baker friends and make it yourself.
If you are getting the cake as a grooms cake and gift, make it something that he loves or a place he enjoys. My friend had a cake for her groom who went to Ohio State as the Stadium! It was amazing and they used it at their rehearsal dinner. It is always a great surprise for a groom since most of the wedding focuses on the bride; he finally is the one getting a great gift! Being creative when it comes to a groom cake is the name of the game. Think hard about what he would like and what you would like. Don’t get him something you want and say “he always loves this.”
For an event, go big or go home! If you have the budget to spend why not! It can really make a huge difference and be the talk of the event. A grand cake can be used as the centerpiece for the event and can tie all of the different aspects together. If it is for a huge birthday, bridal shower or baby shower there are so many cute and semi cheap things you can do that will surprise the guest of honor and not your bank account.
Regardless of what the purpose of the cake is for it is a great idea. It is special and unique and will be the talk of your wedding or event! Talk to your catering company about doing a specialty cake, they may be able to make one themselves or know a good company.

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