Friday, October 1, 2010

Help I'm Lost! {Creative Escort Cards}

looking at i came across an amazing idea for showing off guests name cards. There is always the great folded card on a table, but why not make it something cute and fun for the guests. If you have a theme running in your wedding use it or take it to the extreme to show off the name cards. What an amazing idea to use old shutters! I saw on the Rachel Ray show once someone use the old shutters to make a mail holder by placing a piece of wood behind the slates so that you could stick mail in and it wont fall out! Maybe a great way to re-use the shutters after the wedding.

Here are some other great ideas I have found across the web... Enjoy!
  • Use pine cones are the name holder for a fall themed wedding. Enhance the name card table by adding some great fall foliage and fall flowers to the table. DIY instructions:
  • If you  have a good tree/twig theme running throughout your florals, try using a small tree/twigs to place all the name cards on. This may take a little more work to find the appropriate tree, but super cute once it is all done.
  • Use smooth rocks, can be purchased at the craft store, and write with paint pen the guests name. This is an easy DIY project and super cute with an outdoor relaxed country wedding.
  • Combine the wedding favor with the place card by putting the place card in a cute, engraved picture frame.
  • For a beach wedding take sand dollars, starfish and bigger seashells and tie a ribbon in our wedding color around the item and have the name on a tag on the ribbon. (Hope this makes sense)
  • Love cupcakes, use them as the name cards with peoples names on the cupcake or on paper sticking out of the cupcake. Guests will love eating these masterpieces.
  • Find a cute board or mirror to place the cards on. I love the idea of a cork board with the cards study on with cute tacks.
  • Having a cozy at home or country wedding? use cute ribbon tied from tree to tree to hand the place cards. find cute clothes pins to stick them on.
  • Having an eco friendly wedding... get small pots with a plant or seeds in it and place the guests name in the soil. So cute and can double up as the favor since they can take the plant home and enjoy.
  • Having your wedding at a winery? Use corks cut in the middle halfway down. place the guests name card into the cork. Need to find corks? Go to a wine festival or winery and ask for their corks... they normally just through them away.
  • Use pears, apples, small pumpkins, or anything other sturdy fruit or veggie that is semi themed to your wedding. Lightly paint them gold, silver, bronze and tie a ribbon around the stem with the guests name attached.
  • Use small boquets of flowers like lavender or daisys, or other smaller flowers that fit your wedding. use twine or ribbon to tie the flowers together and have the guests name attached to the twine/ribbon. Super cute for an outdoor wedding.


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