Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gone Missing {Creative Table Numbers}

So even if people know what table they are supposed to be at, that does not mean they can find the table. Table numbers are a great way to add some individuality and creativity into your wedding in an inexpensive way. Sure you can go with the basic paper number and metal holder, which is not bad, but why not incorporate your theme or something you and your fiance love into the numbering. This goes for events as well, make the table numbers stand out and a conversation piece, not something bland and boring.
Choosing what you want to do for your table numbers can be a little daunting, but take it slowly and start thinking of any and every idea possible. Write them all down then go through your list and figure out what fits into your theme, what fits into your budget, if it can be made yourself or not. If you are between a few, try them out and see which on looks the best!
Here are some great ideas to start with:

1. For a rustic down-to-earth wedding/event: Use an old piece of wood, or a new piece you beat up, and paint the number on the wood. Easy and cheap, yet still fits into the theme.
2. A winery wedding: use wine bottles and stick the number where the label is
3. Don't number the tables at all, but call each table something different based on your theme. For example, a wedding based around music had the tables labeled by different artists names and used their album covers.
4. Use Mason Jars filled with sand, seashells, other items related to your wedding/event and either have the number on the jar or sticking out of the jar.
5. Use a nice designed paper for the numbers and have them framed on the table to add a little more glam and elegance on a budget.
6. Use old newspaper or photos and paint the number on. Either back it with cardboard or put it in a frame.
7. Use Pictures of you as a couple holding up the number of the table and put it in frames.
8. Use  book and have the number on the front of the book.
9. Get some large rocks and either use paint pen or hot glue on the table number
10. Use Letters instead of numbers or words and use either wood letters that you can find at a craft store or metal letters...may take a little digging around
11. Use a mirror or glass and paint the number onto it
12. Use a small cake with the number on it... this is great as well because every table as their own personal cake to eat!
13. Find cheap cute plates and put the number on them... then just stand them up using a plate holder
14. Put the number on the flower vase
15. Use a chalk board

This is just me rambling on with ideas! So do the same thing! Think about items in your home or in the world that you could use! Be creative and have fun doing it

Pictures from:
http://noteworthydesigns.blogspot.com/2009/03/unique-table-numbers.html http://www.katbramanphotography.com/

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