Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DIY Flower Hair Pieces

Hello... So like mentioned in my previous post here is how to make the flower hair pieces I had made for the PA wedding! I unfortunately did not take pictures while I was making the hair pieces... but it is pretty self explanatory! I am going to make a ton of hair pieces now since they are so easy and you can make them out of anything you find! Let me know how they go!

1. Get bobby pins, clips or any metal/plastic hairpiece you want to use.
2. Go to the local craft store and look at all their fake flower selection. I chose smaller flowers, but you can do this with any size flower that you want.
3. Take the flower and cut the stem off as close as possible to the flower without breaking the flower.
4. Take a hot glue gun and glue the flower to the clip. I found that it was easier to use bobby pins for smaller flowers and a larger clip for larger flowers.
5. Wait for them to dry and use them in all your hairstyles!

Super easy and super cute! What a great idea if you want all bridesmaids to have flowers in their hair and don’t want to spend a fortune. If you find or make a fabric flower you can still easily hot glue it to a clip. Look at thrift stores for clothes that may have flowers or appliqu├ęs on them… cut them off and make them into a hair piece. You can do this with feathers, buttons, or anything you think would be cute as a hair accessory!

Here is simply what I did as well for my hair... so easy and looks so good and formal.
1. Put your hair half up and secure with bobby pins...as if you were doing a normal half up half down hairstyle.
2. Take small sections of your hair and wrap them around your finger.
3. Bobby pin the wrapped hair to your head.
4. Repeat 2 and 3 until you have done all of your hair and bobby pinned it up. It can be kinda messy and you might have to add extra bobby pins here and there!
5. Hair spray your hair
6. Add the flowers you made to the style. I did 5 around the top of the curls, but a larger flower to one side would look great as well!

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