Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fanciful Feathers

I have a new love and it is feathers! Recently brides have been wearing them in their hair, adding them to flower arrangements and putting them on their cake. Although I do admit some people take it over the edge or do not make it look pleasing at all, there is a romantic and fun way to add feathers into your wedding or event. You can normally find cheaper colored feathers, but I would try and stick with nicer feathers if using them for your event. The ostrich feather is a fun large feather that added together in a bunch can create a beautiful centerpiece. I am more obsessed about peacock feathers. They have gorgeous colors and are so fun! There are so many ways to add feathers into your wedding or event. Weather you want there be a feather theme or just accents of feathers, you can do it. Here are some simple or crazy ways to add feather to your wedding or event.

  • In  your hair
  • On your dress, creating an amazing cascade down the dress
  • On invitations
  • As centerpieces
  • In the bouquet
  • On the cake (can even just use the design of a feather on the cake)
  • On the tablecloths
  • As decorations
  • On escort cards or table numbers
  • Drinks inspired by animals that have feathers… don’t want to put feathers in a drink
  • Food inspired by feathers
  • On your garter
  • On the ring pillow
  • Instead of flowers use feathers for the “feather” girl
  • On the ceremony programs
The opportunity to add feathers is really endless. Make it modern, vintage, homespun or high end.

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  1. Kristina, I love your ideas! Your insight is fresh and really in tune with current styles. I love reading your blog and look forward to your next post!