Monday, October 4, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall... Who Has the Prettiest Wedding Hair of Them All

Going to attempt this style with white/pink flowers
On this dreary, rainy Monday morning here in D.C. all I can think about is how I am going to do my hair for a wedding I am attending this weekend. Since I am having so many problems trying to decide, I cannot imagine a bride-to-be trying to figure out how to do their hair. This is as stressful as finding a dress! Unless you have a hairstyle that you know your groom loves and looks great with the dress, you are lost. I personally have medium length curly fine hair... what should I do?? I started looking at different websites with hairstyles and got more than I bargained for! So many different choices and pages and pages of styles I got a little flustered. In my case I am trying to do my hair myself so I cannot do all styles, but for most brides they most likely have a hair dresser or a friend to help them out. Still, what to choose?

I started looking at hairstyles and found some great ones, but still seems very time consuming! I also have fallen in love with people putting flowers and/or feathers or other things in their hair. Now I am trying to figure out what hairstyle to choose and how I can get some flowers in my hair. Here is my process for brides and anyone going to a party to figure out what hairstyle they want (this is not scientific)

1. Figure out what type of hair you have and what hairstyles are even possible with your hair, rule out styles you know are not possible and don't event look at them. This will allow you to narrow down your search and also not fall in love with a style that is not possible.
2. Figure out if you want your hair full down, half up half down, or in an up-do. If you are unsure it is ok too, but even if you can rule out one of these styles it again helps narrow down you search.
3. If you don't have a hair stylist to do your hair, figure out what is possible by yourself or with a friends help. Some styles are too hard so they can be ruled out right away.
4. Once you have your list of things to look at... begin looking at websites or books. Here are some sites I really liked with hairstyles.
Just Google "Wedding Hairstyles" and look at the images
5. Choose 3 or 4 styles that you really like... don't choose more than that in the beginning to try out since it will be too overwhelming. If possible try all the styles out at home and with the veil or headpiece and any other accessories you want in your hair. Although it may not be perfect at least you can see how the style looks on your face shape and your hair type and with the hairpieces.
6. Take pics of the hairstyles on yourself  and ask your fiance, friends, people at work, anyone really. Also, having someone who has an unbiased opinion will help you get an honest opinion. If people all say they like a style you do not want... then by all means choose the one you like best, but this should help you narrow things down.
7. Once you have found the 1 or 2 or more styles you absolutely love go to the hairstylist you are having do your hair, or friend, and have them help you choose a style and try it out on your hair. This will give you a good chance to see how the stylist will do your hair and how it will look professionally.
8. Hopefully you have found your wedding or event hairstyle and can love it!

Going through this process can be overwhelming so by all means skip parts if you want! But hopefully it will help you decide what you want your hair to look like on the big day! Always choose what you love and what is most comfortable for you, don't chose a hairstyle because someone else wants you in it!

Here are some hairstyles and headpieces I am absolutely in LOVE with! (all from sites listed above)

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