Monday, November 15, 2010

Donut is the New Cupcake

Recently I saw a post about having donuts at your wedding for dessert. I absolutely love this idea since it is cheaper and more fun than the trend of cupcakes. Don’t get me wrong I love cupcakes and could eat them everyday if given the chance, but donuts are way more fun! You can either talk to your caterer about having the company make he donuts or just pay a ton the morning of your event from Krispy Kreme or another donut store. You can have different toppings for your donuts laid out, such as different sauces and some candies and nuts. Guests can have a customizable desert and have fun eating it as well. You can make donuts as classy or as down to earth as you want… making them a great versatile food item! If at all possible to get warm donuts that would be best! You can also get a variety of donuts with toppings on it already for guests to just choose from! If you caterer can make donuts have small appetizer size donuts with a variety of toppings and flavors for guests to choose from! I also started thinking about having donuts as the dessert at your rehearsal dinner if you want to have a traditional cake on the day of your wedding. You will save money and all your guests will enjoy the treat.

This idea is great if you are having an office meeting or a corporate event. How great to have warm donuts and different toppings before a long office meeting, not just a plain box of donuts. Or if you are having a small reception during the day, have donuts. Everyone loves something sweet during the day, and your guests will be surprised by something new and different.

Donuts don’t have to just be sitting in a box! You can get great plates or serving trays to have your donuts on! Or take the donut box to new heights by using a box in your event or wedding colors to display the donuts. Be creative with it and have fun as well. There are also some great companies in areas that make outlandish donuts with crazy toppings! These might be a little expensive to order, but look at their sites to get topping ideas!

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