Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Re-Use and Recycle: Bottlehood on Esty

I am IN LOVE with bottlehood's shop on! The company recycles beer, wine and liquor bottles and makes them into cups, candles, cheese boards and vases! I am getting some of these for my bf {shhhh don't tell him} and I started thinking about the great way you could use these at your wedding or event. These may be kinda expensive if you are buying all your guests items, but how great to have a wine bottle vase or a liquor bottle as your vase centerpiece. I also saw that the company will make items requested for wedding registry's! These items are so unique you will never find them anywhere else! What a great gift as well for the lucky couple or even as a birthday present for your man! Also just great for use at your home bar or home... what a great conversation piece!
Check out their shop on Esty:

Here are a few pictures of items they sell! I love the variety and the locality of the items. Most items tell you where the bottle came from (all local from CA).

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