Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spring's Coming Early {Cherry Blossoms}

With all this cold weather I started thinking about spring! Cherry Blossoms are an amazing flower that are prevalent in Japan, but are also found every spring in Washington DC. I love going to the cherry blossom festival around the city and seeing all the amazing pink flowers everywhere. Weather you are in Japan, DC or anywhere, cherry blossoms are a great flower to use as a theme throughout your wedding. If you want a light pink color are part of your wedding colors, then this flower is a perfect choice. It is subtle and delicate, going great with whites and browns or blues and silvers. You can make the flower as much a part of your wedding as wanted, just incorporate them into the floral arrangements or make it an all out theme. The flowers may be hard to find during some seasons, but I love seeing the use of cherry blossoms during a delicate winter wedding and throughout the spring. If you live in the Washington, DC area or an area where cherry blossoms bloom, take engagement pictures with the trees or take a break on your wedding day to take pictures around the trees. If anything take inspiration from the amazing colors of pink and white for your wedding or event.

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