Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chocolate Spoon Please

Recently I was searching around blogland and found this great post about chocolate spoons from Table 6 Productions. It was a post from Solutions Bridal and she had these great sweet chocolate spoons. I feel in love and started thinking about some other creative and innovative desserts that are both delicious and cheap. Here are the steps to make the chocolate spoons … “First, find some plastic spoons. Why not get spoons that coordinate with your wedding colors? Then simply melt your favorite chocolate over boiling water on the stove, and pour! While it’s cooling, decorate with edible beads, small candies, sprinkles and whatever else makes your mouth water. If you want to add chocolate candies, wait a few minutes until the chocolate in the spoon is cool.” Easy right!
I also love making homemade chocolate lollipops! These are just as easy as the spoons and you can find the sticks at any craft store. They also normally have molds fro you to use as well. Just melt the chocolate and put them into the lollipop mold. You can add candies in if you want. You can wrap them and give them as wedding favors or put them on your dessert table for guests to eat right away!
Any sort of cookie that can be baked at home makes a great addition to your dessert table. They normally are better than those bought since they were made with love and soul. Macaroons are a great dessert that can be put on a stick and wrapped or stacked easily. Follow this link for a great macaroon recipe!

Good luck adding these to your wedding or event! P.S. chocolate lollipops are a huge hit with kids so add them to your next child’s party!

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