Friday, November 19, 2010

Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

I absolutely love Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season! Thanksgiving is a holiday with warm colors, warm yummy food and football! Any holiday with football is the best! Every family has their Thanksgiving traditions, and by no means do I think any family should change tradition, but if you are trying to think of some great Thanksgiving décor or want to throw a pre-Thanksgiving themed party {or even a Thanksgiving wedding}, here are some great ideas! Use the warm fall colors are your palette for the event, and don’t be scared to use some pumpkin décor either… it is not just for Halloween! Also use apples, pears, corn and leaves to decorate.
Many catering companies have holiday themed food, so go through their menus to get some great ideas… one of my favorite are mini pumpkin pies and turkey and cranberry slider sandwiches. I love stuffing as well, use small serving spoons, the ones caterers use to serve stuffing and gravy on! Another favorite of my family is cinnamon apple cheesecakes! It screams Thanksgiving and fall with the warm cheesecake and spiced apples! Don’t forget the caramel apples… or try caramel pears for a change! Of course you need some drinks! For the adults make mulled apple cider or mulled spiced wine (some local wineries have mulling wines and spices). There are great winter lagers out as well… and what is football without a little beer? For the kids in the family, hot apple cider and a cranberry and ginger ale drink for some fizzies!

Here are some of my favorite fall décor and food pictures! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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