Thursday, September 15, 2011

Murray Hill Wedding :: Wine Inspired

It has been a little while since blogging. Work has been CRAZY and so has every other aspect of my life. This past weekend, I got to work with My Simple DetailsTara Welch Photography and Holly Chapple Flowers. What an amazing wedding with a great, easy-going bride. The reception featured two food stations highlighting the bride and grooms past, Pittsburgh and Maryland, and beer and wine highlighting some of their favorite places now, the NY Finger Lakes and Virginia. The stations featured a mini Primanti Brothers sandwich and mini crab cake sandwich with mac n'cheese, YUM! With an array of sunflowers and beautiful view of the Potomac River there was nothing better on a Saturday after a week of flooding.

Some great details included an amazing wine inspired ceremony space, rustic wine tasting with cheese pairing and chocolate, great seating areas around the reception for some relaxing and cute wine ties as the guest name tags. Here are some personal photos of the event! Enjoy!

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