Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taking Flight :: Vintage Travel Themed Wedding

I am currently working with a bride and groom who love to travel and want to incorporate that into their wedding. We haven't had a real sit down yet, but it got me inspired to make an inspiration board for a vintage inspired travel wedding. I am not one for going really over the top with themes, but I love all the little touches and sayings you can add into the reception. Lots of travel items are very in style for weddings anyways. Using vintage suitcases to not only being the card box, but use smaller suitcases filled with flowers for centerpieces. I love using vintage maps both as the guest seating chart, but find a map of the city you live in and have guests sign it as the guest book, frame and hang up at your house. Use the names of places as your table names instead of numbers.
I also love using globes, baggage tags, plane tickets and passports as accent pieces throughout the wedding. There are easy ways to make new items look older and used. So don't worry about having to find all vintage items, purchase something new and distress it.
There is an endless amount of possibilities when going with a travel theme. My brides wedding is not until next year, but I cannot wait to come up with some amazing travel theme ideas. Enjoy!

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  1. Where can I find the mini globes? So cute!