Friday, March 11, 2011

Picture Perfect: Easy, Cheap Guest Book(s)

After meeting with a cute couple for a wedding walk through, at a old urban candy factory with great exposed walls and ceilings, it got me thinking. The couple was tech savvy, yet old school and I love the combo. They wanted a cute, not cheesy way to do a guest book. I had seen photo booths before, but i love the idea of using a Polaroid camera and having guests take pictures of each other  or have one person in charge of the photos with fun props and writing their love to the couple on the back. Then finding a photo album and putting all the Polaroids in the photo album so you can see the front and back. This idea is so cute and seems so easy. The only hard part may be finding the Polaroid camera, but that can be handled easily enough.
If you want more than that, I thought that getting a older video camera and having it planted in an area on a tripod with a good background. Then just have all your guests record their congratulations to the couple, and anything else they may have. Just make sure you have enough recordable videos! You can now easily have videos transfered to DVD and have a great guest book you can keep forever!
If you want something a little easier to set up, you can always rent a photo booth and have your guests take photos and put it into a cute book. Then they can write on the pages of the book next to their crazy photos! Most photo booths rented come with great props like crazy hats, wigs and glasses.

Hope all your pictures are perfect! No matter if you do something crazy or traditional, make sure it is something you can keep and remember!

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  1. Great ideas Kristina! I'm already planning on the photo booth idea ;)