Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something Old, Something New

I am a young individual and have seen wedding ceremonies that are crazy traditional to crazy modern. I am in love with some new and creative wedding ceremony ideas that mixes the old and the new. Keep your mom and yourself happy with some of these great ceremony ideas. Not all of these ideas are for everyone and I am not in the least suggesting that going totally traditional or totally modern is bad on any level. You need to make your wedding ceremony about you and your better half. Choose what means the most to you and what will make you happy, don't be pressured to change things up because your friends or the latest wedding magazine tells you to. I hope some of these ideas will get you thinking and have fun with it! Your wedding ceremony is what you make it!

  • Think you have to use the bridal march to walk down the aisle? Choose a song that means the most to you and your partner. From rock to indie, any song can be made to walk to the aisle. Choose a guitar soloist or 2 part jazz band to play. Can't decide between songs choose 2 and have one play when you enter and one play when leaving!
  • Want to do something unique during your ceremony? Do the candle sharing ceremony but with unique items. Choose something that you both love like cooking or the outdoors and use different spices or rocks, sand and dirt to signify your love. I found this cute idea at the Knot. Put a bottle of wine and love notes in a box and lock it. Then have a pre-determined anniversary to open the box, you could have close family write notes as well for you love box.
  • Some other countries traditions are cute and fun, and can be used no matter where you are from. In Germany they have a large sheet with a heart drawn on it. The new bride and groom have to use little kids scissors to cut the heart out together and then the groom carries the bride through at the end of the ceremony. How cute and fun!
  • Serve something fun before and during the ceremony. Have cute crossword puzzles about the couple for guests to do before the ceremony starts. Or serve refreshments such as tea and lemonade in the summer and hot coco in the winter to guests. You can even have some cute food items for people to munch on. This way guests are content on waiting and you don't have to worry about rushing.
These are just some ideas to change up the traditional wedding ceremony. Your ceremony is a reflection of you and your partner. Make it however you have envisioned it. Don't be afraid to step out of the box and do something different, but make it what you want it to be. Have fun planning your ceremony and include your partner, they will appreciate having their opinion matter.

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