Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Color of the Week: Gray

Although we had a glimmer of spring fever cast upon the Washington DC area, we are now back into the eternal gray sky and snow. Even though I am so ready for spring to come, it got me thinking about the great addition gray makes to spring weddings. In the cloudy sky, a gray overcast may mean sadness and gloominess, gray in a wedding can be a great neutral to a pop of color. Gray is a great complimentary color and normally goes well with many different colors and accents. Gray looks great on almost every skin tone  (for your bridesmaids) and fits into different venues color schemes (walls and crazy carpets). Gray is also a very natural color if you are doing a spring outdoors wedding or trying to connect with mother nature. Here is a look at some of the great gray color combos for weddings or events. Enjoy!

Some of my favorite combos are:
Gray and Yellow
Gray and Green
Gray and Turquoise
Gray and Navy Blue
Gray and Bright Purple
Gray and Light Pink

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