Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Weekend

I am a sports fan in general and love football (I even worked for a NFL team for a year) and I L-O-V-E the Super Bowl. Not just for the game and commercials but for the parties and food as well. Being a planner and baker, I love to find easy and new recipes and ideas for Super Bowl parties. Weather you are hosting a few friends or your whole neighborhood, you can easily use these tips and tricks. You can easily but minimal effort into planning a party and still have it be great.

I found these great ideas from from Nashville, TN By Louise Tutelian
From Ideas That Spark


Instead of the same old brew:
Hold a mini beer-tasting. Choose six beers: They can be from different countries or states, and they can range from light to dark -- whatever piques your interest. Supply guests with a menu (a sheet of paper with the name and origin of each beer) and leave space at the bottom so they can take notes.

Instead of take-out pizza:
Set up a build-your-own-pizza bar -- your crowd needs something to do during all those time-outs! Bake packages of store-bought biscuits according to directions, and then split each biscuit in half. Have an assortment of toppings ready: marinara sauce, pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, basil, red peppers, onion and prosciutto. Keep a roll of tinfoil next to the oven and let people heat and melt their creations whenever they're ready.
You can also bake pizza casseroles. First, line a greased casserole dish with quartered biscuits. Cover with sauce, sprinkle with toppings and cheese, then bake at 350 F until the cheese is melted. Serve with extra sauce on the side.

Instead of brownies:
Mix up the flavor with chocolate-chip and oatmeal-raisin cookie sandwiches with Nutella hazelnut-chocolate filling.
Or, make everyone happy with Super Bowl sundaes. Sometime after halftime, put out a few gallons with all the fixings -- grownups and kids alike will be glad you did. 

Love Love Love These ideas... Here are some of my own tips for decorations and games!

Have your own small gambling game and have each guest put down a dollar (or more or less) and choose squares for what they think the end score will be of the big game! Here is a link to the How-To's

When I think of superbowl I think of beer... so get football  beer coozies for everyone at the party and use used beer bottles to make fun centerpieces and vases.  Have football helmets, footballs and jerseys as decoration.

You can go all out and make everything packers and/or steelers colors and have everything with a football theme or make it simple with a few small items. Whatever you choose you will have a great time! Enjoy the game everyone and drink and eats LOTS!

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