Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burlap :: Fabric Inspiration

As I sat in the office today wishing I was outside, I started to look at some of the great linen books that we have lying around. There are so many great colors and types of fabrics, but one that I have always loved for its great texture and color is burlap. Although not the most sophisticated of fabrics, burlap has great dimension and can be used for some many different things throughout a wedding or event. It works great if you are going for a natural, rustic feel. Burlap is also not that expensive and you can find it in most fabric stores or through most linen companies. It is a great linen for spring, summer and fall since it is such a simple, natural color!

I love burlap as a table runner, it truly adds something special and creates a great flow down a long rectangular table. You can have anything from your initials, wedding date, designs, ect. printed on burlap for a fun keepsake for your guests. You can also you the burlap in your wedding favors, escort cards, tables numbers and many other items. Make sure you check with your linen provider to see what kind of burlap the linens will be in, since some are more rough than others. I would not suggest you get a napkin out of burlap for your guests, they might not want to use the semi rough fabric... but otherwise the possibilities are endless. Here are some of my favorite's!

Pictures From:
Caterers Anantonio
BV Weddings
Dulcet and Dapper

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