Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love Me Some Birch

 I am in love with the birch look this winter season! I love it for any season really since it is versatile and looks great with some many natural colors. I found a great DIY to make birch center pieces! I found some great birch vases made with a glass vase and a birch sleeve bought at a flower market, then take anything you have around the house or can find at the craft store to decorate the vases, like jewels and earrings and fabric flowers.
I love the green and natural look of birch and the simplicity of it! You can also buy birch branches at the flower market or a local craft store and use them alone or in a flower arrangement. You can also paint the birch piece or use sticks you find from around your yard and paint them. If you want a green wedding this is a great way to go since it is inexpensive and natural.

Birch can go a long way and can be used in many different ways. Use it in the winter or in the spring! Birch is also great to use within the house as well, make your own birch candle holders or throughout your home!

Good luck making your centerpieces and enjoy the holidays!

Found From: Elizabeth Anne Designs and edytaszyszlo

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  1. These are such cute ideas. I think birch looks so pretty. There's this restaurant I am dying to go to in NYC called Butter (http://www.butterrestaurant.com/) and they have a room called "The Birch Room". The walls and the ceiling are made from real birch trees! The pics online are so gorgeous.