Monday, January 3, 2011

One For The History Books

As the new year begins and I start thinking about my past year and the year to come, I cannot stop thinking about how far America has come since its inception. In the events world so many people use historical places for receptions and parties. Being in Washington DC there are so many historical places with great stories and beautiful views. I want to share some of my favorite historical places for events in DC... please let me know some of your favorite historical places from your town!

George Washington's Mount Vernon: I used to love to go to Mount Vernon as a child and see the amazing rooms and run through the green grass. Located 16 miles from Washington DC, Mount Vernon is a popular location all year. The east lawn can be rented for events, as well as the educational center. I love the amazing view of the Potomac River from the lawn and the great history of the location. You can also have private tours for events or outings. Unfortunately, you can not have an event for political, fund-raising or personal (weddings), but you can for an organizational  get together. Also take a picnic and some friends and family and enjoy the day! visit for more information and to speak with someone at the estate.

Thomas Birkby House: I have been to a couple of events at this location and I absolutely love it. This quaint house in Leesburg, VA has an amazing outdoor patio for all sorts of events. "The Carriage House, built in 1814, is a two-story brick building. It is where Thomas Birkby and his family, perhaps one of the last coach makers on the East Coast, practiced their trade until 1903. The Birkby's manufactured carriages, coaches and buggies on the second floor and kept their horses on the ground level." What great history that is quite uncommon in the DC area. There are so many different places on the property that you can host an event, from an inside business meeting to an outdoor garden wedding. Visit for more information!  

Raspberry Plains: Although farther out in Leesburg, VA Raspberry Plains has a great location with a great view, great gardens and a great reception site. I am in love with their Grand conservatory and their gardens. The house was built in the colonial era and has stood the test of time. The location has picturesque views of rolling hills and brings the outdoors in. Definitely one of my favorite places just for the view. Visit for more information and pictures. 

I hope you enjoy the history lesson and some great ideas for an event or just a day out! Let me know some of your favorite historical places! 

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