Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bring the Indoors Out

I had a wedding tasting with a bride today that had the most, cute, rustic idea... to bring the indoors outside. I love the rustic theme and adore the idea of using older indoor items for an outdoor wedding. Using window panes and doors as your decor for the outdoors is such as  great idea and pretty easy to do. Looking at antique shops and old buildings that are being torn down is a great way to get some older rustic windows and doors that you wont have to do anything with. Use the windows and window paint to put up guests tables or have guests sign a large window you like as the guest book and display it in your house afterwards.
Also use other items that belong indoors such as drawers and coffee tables or anything you think of to decorate and display food or other items. The bride  found a great idea to use a drawer to serve drinks. You can also find rustic and old vases and glasses to display flowers or use to serve drinks. I also love using a dresser to serve dessert on.

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