Thursday, January 20, 2011

Color of the Week: Yellow

I am starting to feel that dragging feeling you get when winter seems like it will never end! I found some cute yellow shirts in my closet and started to automatically think of spring again. What a beautiful color for spring and summer weddings. I feel like yellow makes everyone happier and smile. Yellow pairs perfectly with so many colors that you can really make it your own: grey and yellow for a more subtle glow, blue and yellow for a little excitment, yellow and pink for the girliest of brides. Yellow can fit any attitude and any brides style since it is so versatile. It is also a great color to use at any other corporate or social event since it is a bright and happy color that pairs or accents almost any other colors.
Don't want yellow as one of your main colors, use it as an accent color in flowers, prints or little pieces throughout your event. Yellow is a common color for flowers and you can find some cheap yellow flowers to add the perfect accent. I also love adding yellow ribbon to some items just to bring in the brightness. Here are some great pictures of yellow pairings and accents! I hope yellow can bring some happiness and sunshine into everyone's lives during this dreary winter season! Enjoy!

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