Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Candy is Dandy

As promised I am letting you all know about another favorite reception food idea at weddings and any event. This one I have loved for a long time and even seen it done at some weddings, but TheKnot.com article reiterated my love...for CANDY! Can't think of a great guest favor? A Candy Bar is a great, easy, cheap and cute way to keep every guest satisfied. Just provide your guests with cute bag or boxes that have your wedding date or something about the wedding on them and have the guests fill them up with their favorite candy. You can have as many or as little variety due to your budget and want. Most caterers will supply you with jars and/or scoops for the candy. You can also find great jars and use ribbon in your wedding colors to tie around the jars. Make cute signs with each candy name and a sign telling your guests what to do. I also love this idea for a child's birthday party or even a corporate event... everyone goes giddy over candy!

Make the experience as if your guests are walking into a candy store where they can pick whatever they want! Find some great penny candy like pop rocks, candy rocks, button candy, Swedish fish, candy necklaces, etc. You can add in some of your favorite candy as well... like I love raisinets, sour patch kids and hot tamales. Plus, always have some of the classic candy choices: M&M's, skittles, starbursts. It is also a great way to incorporate some cultural candy if you or your fiance are from another country.

A lot of this candy can be bought in bulk and at wholesale prices. Plus, having some candy left over is NEVER a bad thing. You can always give the candy to other families in the neighborhood or donate it to a local troop or teacher. Or eat it all yourself : )

** Look at craft stores and online for bags. This is a great opportunity to save some money and just purchase personalized stickers and cheap candy bags and do yourself. Candy bags can be paper or plastic, but choose what you like and is easiest to fit your budget!

Pictures from: GetMarried.com (Ashley’s Bride Guide, Brideandgroom.com, Amy Atlas Old Fashion Candy Bar, Hannah Elaine Photography)

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