Thursday, September 9, 2010

In My Red High Heels

I am a shoe girl... I love all different kinds of shoes and love finding amazing colors and styles. I love this recent trend to wear crazy colored shoes or funky shoes with your wedding dress, even if just for pictures or the reception. I have seen many people dye white shoes the same color as the brides maid dresses and show them off for the camera and friends. This idea is great, but I love when brides show their own personal style with a shoe. If you have a crazy colored pair or ones you love at home wear those to show people who you really are.
I know, I know, most people want things color coordinated and cohesively flowing, but mix it up! They are shoes for goodness sakes and not everyone will see them unless you have a shorter dress or choose to yourself.
I have become a fan of brides changing into different shoes, and dresses, for the reception. If you want everything to match in pictures and flow, the reception is the time to mix it up a little. Find a pair of sandals or strapy shoes that speak to you and wear them. Also, find something you are comfortable walking and dancing in. So many people choose a shoe because it looks great (I am a victim of that) but for your bug day make sure they are comfortable.
On the non-wedding side of things... if you are hosting or going to an event. Find shoes that scream you! especially as a hostess, you want people to look at you and saw wow she looks great and so does her event (or his). Choosing a shoe that is a little loud, yet still styled for the event is the perfect way to spice things up without wearing revealing clothes or a style not fit for the event. My personal favorite is always a great bright red heel. I own three pairs of red heels all in different shades. It brings out the best with natural colors and goes with most other colors as well. Find a shoe that matches the color scheme of your event ( I know I said no crazy matching, but it is a classic way to go).

Whatever the occasion, wear a shoe that represents you and is still comfortable enough to stand and walk in for hours. Too many times I get shoes that I know are uncomfortable and I never wear them out! Also, get dr.scholls for your heels they work wonders! You don't want to be the one taking your cute shoes off or not walking around because your feet hurt!

Embrace your style and of course, love whatever you choose to do!

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