Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Color of the Week: Lilac

I am loving this fall weather...besides the rain... but I love being able to wear a light sweater and flip flops. I also love the fall colors! Leaves are already beginning to fall from the trees in an array of greens, yellows, oranges and browns. Yet for a fall wedding you don have to try and fit your colors into this scheme. I am in love with lilac this fall and winter season! It is so amazing in the softness of the purple but the boldness of it as well. There are also great flowers that have a similar purple hues, especially lilacs! Lilac, or any similar purple hue, can be a great primary or secondary color at a wedding or event. I love the lilac color with  soft greens and yellows in a vase or paired with white flowers to make the purple stand out. The purple color can be paired with bright green and blues for a spring or summer wedding as well! Or pinks with an accent of brown! The color pairs great with white, black, silver and gold, so any chairs or accessory's will look great against the lilac background.  
I made a collage of some of the great pictures I found using lilac. Hope I inspired some to use the color in their next event or wedding... or just incorporate it into their homes and lives.

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