Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIY Guest Book

So as I was wondering the Internet over these past sick days I found a great idea for a guest book. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I saw the idea... but kudos to whoever thought of this. It is a calender guest book where guests sign their name and a note on their birthday or wedding anniversary. You then get to take the calender home and have every one of your guests important dates so you never forget. I think this is a cute and cheap guest book idea.

So to do this yourself...
1) Go to the craft store, Staples, look online at different calenders. I like ones that have cute pictures so that your guests can also write on the pictures is necessary. You will want to find a calender that has large enough spaces to write in
2) Get sharpies for your guests to write with
3) Make a sign, or have whoever is making you signs make one, explaining to your guests what to do with the calender
4) Wait until your big day and set it out on the table for guests to use

It is that simple to do and cheap compared to some of these guests book you can find at the store to buy. Calenders are great because there are some many different themes and colors that you can really choose one that fits with your wedding theme. You can also make one at home on the computer and print it out on nicer paper as well to have it even more customized. A way to customize it even more is to go to CVS or a place similar and use your own pictures to make a calender.

This idea is super easy and different than a traditional guest book. It is also super helpful when you start getting older and try and remember peoples important dates.

There are so many variations that you can do with this idea... I saw a great calender scrapbook that was homemade and had cute pictures of a family. This could easily be done for a wedding, especially if you like scrapbooking.  Do something that you like to do and incorporate that into the calender.

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