Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Did the Fridge Say to the Magnet? Stick It To Me

So there is a little refrigerator humor for everyone today! Sorry I am not humorous enough to come up with a catchy title... but regardless this is a great product for you to use in many different occasions. Magnet announcements/save the dates! These have become popular and will continue to be popular, but I cannot get enough of them. These great magnets can cost as little or as much as you want and can be customized as much as you want as well. Most people put wedding or birthday/party announcements/invitations/save the dates on the fridge anyways, why not make it easier for them to remember your important date. Many places allow you to use a photo of the couple (engagement photos) or birthday boy/girl or expecting mother...I just keep on thinking of new ways to use the magnets!

Film Strip Magnet
I love this idea along with more fancy announcement or something else in writing with more information. People love getting magnets as well (or at least I do) because I love hanging pictures up on the fridge or anything else important. Like I said you can make them as expensive or inexpensive as you want! Do a little research and look at many different wedding company sites to compare prices and designs you like the best. You may also be able to find a place around you that does announcement/save the date magnets to have them customized just the way you want it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE using these magnets as birthday invites or any other invite for any other occasion! They are super adorable as a baby shower invite or wedding shower invite as well since it is an easy way to remember the date and there are so many creative and fun designs you can do with those themes. Maybe I have gone off the deep end with the magnet announcement idea but I think this is so cute and really cheap compared to some invites you may get. It also doubles as a party gift! 

Here are some great sites to find the announcement/save the date magnets! (look around the site great things)
The Knot has a great selection...

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