Friday, September 10, 2010

Forget Me Not

I was feeling inspired by my college sorority and started thinking about flowers. My sorority's flowers are the Lily of the Valley and the Forget Me Not. Both are delicate and simple, while being fragrant and sustainable. Inspired by the last color of the week, a golden orange, I chose the Forget Me Not as the flower of the week. It fits perfectly with the new blue/yellow color combination that is popular thi season, and probably will be for seasons to come. The flower is a delicate blue/purple with a yellow center. The petals can also come in a white or pink version with the same yellow center (which allows for a lot of versatility). They are an excellent companion flower to any bunch or can stand alone. I love these flowers, delicate and beautiful with such vibrant colors. They compliment many wedding/event color combinations such as anything pink, white, purple. Looking more up about the flower, there are 50 different species in the genre, which allows for many different choices when it comes to the flower.

Forget-Me-Not Seed Boxes
The flower's meaning is "remember me". I love this for a wedding because you should want all your guests to remember the evening and you as a couple. This is also a great flower to use in vase if someone close has died and you are remembering them at your wedding.

I also love as a wedding favor to give people a seed packet of Forget Me Not's. It is a cheap and eco-friendly gift that will have people remembering you forever. Use them in your wedding or just get some seeds to plant by your house and enjoy these beautiful flowers.

Just as a side note... how cute are these forget me not cupcakes! I love cupcakes in any form, but with a beatiful flower on top, who would not be able to eat that!

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