Monday, September 13, 2010


This weekend I worked a wine festival near where I live and it is amazing to see how many people LOVE LOVE LOVE wine. It got me to thinking about how beautiful winery's are, and how great they would be for a wedding. I am not a huge fan of the hotel weddings, but this is a great alternative to a traditional wedding venue. You can easily have both the ceremony and reception at the location, especially an outdoor ceremony! Most winery's even ones closer to a city still have a countryside backdrop. Here where I live in Northern VA, there are a ton of winery's all within an hour of the district. a Winery may not be as readily available in all areas of the country, but do some research you never know when you may find one.

The great part about having your wedding at a winery is then drinking their wine! I love white wine and could drink it for days so any place where wine is that abundant would send me to heaven. Most places have a reception area already (if they are a bigger winery) and have wedding day plans already set. Smaller winery's may have not done as many events, but still worth a shot. Like any other venue, make sure you ask all the appropriate questions and see if you can bring in outside vendors such as catering and wedding coordination. Some winery's have great restaurants there, and may be able to provide great food and drinks. Most places have great bed and breakfast's around, while some still have a larger hotel. Look for the area and type that is best for you. If you are looking for that countryside feel with a little more to it, a winery may be the best fit.

Winerys are great from spring all the way until the fall, and maybe even in the winter depending on the location. Any colors will go with a winery backdrop, since wines themselves are multi-toned in many ways. Find a wine you love drinking and check out their winery... try and find a local winery to make it easier. Go to local wine festivals and get brochurs about the different winerys. This way you can taste their wine and get information about them without visiting the winery.

Even if you are not the wine fanatic, a winery wedding may be perfect still. There are many pros and cons to any venue, and again like I say every time do what you want to do and love your choice. A winery allows for an amazing backdrop and fun activities if you go a day early/day later such as wine tasting and grape stomping (again, depending on winery). Most winery's have skilled event/wedding planners and know how to work with a wedding party. Just don't become a WINE-ZILLA and drink too much wine before, during or after the wedding... OK after is perfectly fine!

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