Thursday, September 2, 2010

Destination of the Week: Italian Islands

The Italian Islands are an amazing extension of Italy and allow you to have that tropical island feel while still having the rustic Italy feel. There are 6 different islands: the 2 major islands are Sicily and Sardinia, and the minor islands are Ischia, Capri, Procida, Elba, Tremiti and Aeolian islands.

Italian Island weddings have many options from castles to hotels. There is so much history surrounding the country that it is easy to make anything work from old school to modern. Amazing old buildings and gorgeous views who would not want to take a trip to the Italian Islands?

It is affordable to find venues and vendors in the area as well and use them instead of trying to fly people over from the US. If you know anything about Italian food, most caterers will have full flavored, amazing pastas and desserts.

You are still able to travel throughout the main country of Italy and throughout Europe if wanted. Make your honeymoon in the surrounding areas and countries to save money on more airline tickets.

Make sure you check the requirements necessary to get a US wedding certificate in a foreign land.

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