Monday, September 27, 2010

Lets Take a Flight

You got to love Mondays... here in DC it is muggy and rainy and gross outside. Made me want to stay home in my PJ's, watch a movie and crack open a beer or bottle of wine. Unfortunately, I got up and made my way to the train and got into work. Thankfully though I get great newsletter emails from many different wedding sites and received one that just tickled me pink. had a great story on new wedding food ideas and I could not resist but to read it. I love almost all of them and will share more and more of my thoughts and what I have seen in the coming days. I chose to pick one of the most interesting and best ideas I saw.
Beer and/or Wine Flights!! Oh my I am in love with this idea. Weather you have an open bar or not this is still a great way to incorporate your love of beer and/or wine into the meal and have your guests experience great food and wine/beer pairings. You can do either beer and wine or chose one for all your guests or have everyone get to do both! If you do both but are having your guests choose one, have your guests choose which flight they want when sending in their food choices so that you know how much you need to buy alcohol wise. I think doing both but having your guests choose one is the most money efficient and fun, since your guests are not stuck to one thing if they do not like it. I also love that if you are having some kids or underage people at your wedding to get some great flavored sodas and juices to have them experience it as well. They won't really understand the food pairing part, but what a great way to keep kids involved and interested during the meal and not felt left out. You could also have this choice for people who maybe are not drinkers so that they as well do not felt left out.

The wine/beer is served in smaller tastings, not a whole glass but enough for a couple sips, allowing guests to get the tasting experience. You can work with your planner/caterer or by yourself to pair different wines and beers (and soda/juice) with different foods. This is easiest if you have maybe 3, 4 or 5 courses...anything more than that and it may be overwhelming. You can do a soup or appetizer courses, regardless of if you already served apps, salad course, main meal course (or 2 if you want), and a dessert course. I think chocolate and beer/wine pair great together, so the chocolate course can be something small or even just a small bark of chocolate you buy from the store for the guests. With each course pair what you like and what is said to fit with the food selection. With beers, go with some great micro brews or local beers, and with wines as well choose wines you like and try and get some local wines into the mix.

If you and your fiance are like me and my boyfriend we love trying new beers and wines and pairing foods with them. We also have friends who love it as well, or at least the beer and wine drinking part. This is great for guests to be involved in the meal and you can print out cards that say what beer and wine go with what dish. With local wines and brewery's, call them and tell them what you are doing, they may be able to get you a discount or something special since you are featuring them at your wedding. It never hurts to call and ask and most places are super nice! This is also a great thing for both you and your fiance to do together during the planning process and should be relaxing and fun... go to wine festivals or beer festivals or look into visiting winery's/brewery's to find some great drinks and see how they recommend pairing.

I hope someone puts this into their wedding... I already know I will when it happens!

(if you are subscribed to the story is called "15 Creative Menu Ideas").

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