Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Color of the Week: Cerulean

This color is amazing! I was browsing online stores looking for a dress to wear to a friends wedding and saw this color. Thanks to J Crew for having an amazing array of colors and the cutest dress ever...purchasing it later tonight! It was called Hazel blue... but with a wikipedia search of colors I found this similar hue and the name cerulean. Found out the name comes from the caelulum meaning "heaven, sky". This amazing dark blue yet still light blue fits perfectly with any season, epically summer and winter, and the heaven sky meaning of the color as well.

If you have seen a theme, this color will go great with any yellow or orange hue! I also love it with pink and white. I really enjoy using the blue as the main color and having some other bright colors as accent and floral colors. This blue could also be an accent color to many different main colors. I love this color by itself not just for a wedding or event but around the house as well and in clothes.

I love this color in the house as an accent and in jewelry as well... Look at some of the amazing things I found! I love the idea of using the blue vase with pink flowers in it for the centerpiece, especially this amazing round vase. This has to be one of my all time favorite colors! It is bright, yet still subtle enough.

After doing a little more research on the color found some amazing birds with cerulean in the name. They are gorgeous... goes to show you have wonderful colorful life really is...

Find some of the amazing items:

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