Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Room With a View

On Tuesday, I worked an event at 101 Constitution Ave. in Washington, D.C. I have worked at this venue before and am just amazed by the view the rooftop terrace has. In D.C., and probably many other large cities, there are rooftop spaces for rent. I love being able to see a town from above and see sites you normally would not see anywhere else. Most place that have a rooftop view allow outside vendors and usually just rent the space out without dealing with tons of specifics. Depending on the place this may not be true, so always double check with a place. Washington, D.C. has a great skyline and great monuments to see from above. Places like Chicago, New York, Philly, San Diego, L.A., Miami, etc. would be great to have a rooftop corporate party or wedding.

I especially love using the rooftop terrace and view when having a corporate event. I believe it allows people who work in the area and live around the area to see a skyline not typically seen on a commute home. A corporate party with international or non-residence guests allows you to show off your city with pride and give them a view they will never forget. It is also great for a wedding, especially if it is a city you have lived in forever or grown up in. You will see the city in a whole new light, and a great skyline makes for great pictures.

If you are scared of heights, a rooftop terrace might not be for you, but otherwise it is a great way to still have a more formal reception or party while being outside and enjoying a sunset. A word of warning... these rooftop parties can become a little hectic if there is a large storm or if it is super super hot. The heat can be solved with lots of fans, but a storm will push everything inside. Talk to the venue and see if there is an area that the party can be moved if a storm hits.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a venue. Make sure the venue has all the element you want in your event/wedding and that you can choose certain aspects yourself. Always visit a venue to see it in person if you like what it looks like in pictures (some pictures can make a place look really great when it is not). And always love whatever you choose to do...

Here is so venues with Terraces:
Washington DC: ; ;

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